Bloody Festival

The Story

The official account of the West Indian Day Parade and its “J’Ouvert” festivities—that they were violence-free for the first time in memory—is misleading. The area right outside the parade’s security perimeter was marred with shootings and stabbings, including one fatality. Mayor de Blasio’s promise to make the event safe—by changing the time of the pre-parade festivities and forcing revelers to go through checkpoints—failed to prevent violence outside the policed zone. No other permitted city event routinely involves such violence and mayhem. New York City must arrive at a solution to this persistent problem—or consider shutting down the parade.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Body Count: At least 21 people have been murdered at and around the West Indian Day Parade since 2003. Read more.

  2. Myth: Mayor de Blasio’s claim that every city parade has a history of violence is a gross distortion of the past. Read more.

  3. Funding: The parade’s organizers have received more than $1,000,000 in public funds over the last five years to promote the event. Read more.

“We are extremely concerned that darkness is when everything [bad] happens.”

Yvette Rennie, parade organizer

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“Complete Chaos and Out of Control” By Heather Mac Donald (September 2015)

“Violence at the West Indian American Day Parade shows the need for Broken Windows policing.”

And in other news...

“Tronc, the publisher of The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune, announced on Monday that it had acquired The Daily News, the nearly 100-year-old tabloid that for decades set the city’s agenda with its gossip, sports and city coverage.”