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Mayor de Blasio has announced a new plan to achieve “equity and excellence” in New York City schools through, among other means, expansion of AP coursework availability. But the mayor has since been criticized for not describing city schools as “segregated.” De Blasio is right not to succumb to the ideological pressure to cast the problems of the school system as a function of demography: as many charter schools have shown, there is no reason why mostly black or Latino schools can’t provide an educational experience as good as any predominantly white school. Improving schools is what matters, not social engineering; New York state should lift its charter school cap and give all kids a shot at high-quality education.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. System-wide: Many schools in the New York City public education system are more than 90% non-white–but this is not terribly surprising, considering that more than two-thirds of students system-wide are black or Latino. Read more.

  2. Superb: New York City charter schools, which primarily serve a non-white student population, substantially outperform state test averages, after controlling for demographics. Read more.

  3. Waiting: Because of state regulations limiting the number of charter schools that can open, about 5% of students in New York City are on charter waitlists. Read more.

“The central injustice of the city’s schools [is] the huge numbers of black and Hispanic students trapped in failure factories.”

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The Past is Present

For Minorities, a Charter-School Boost By Marcus A. Winters (April 2010)

“Here’s yet another possible reason to back charter schools: It seems that minority students who attend them get into the city’s top high schools at a far higher rate than other kids.”

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