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The Story

Applications are up 9% this year to the City University of New York, which, comprised of 24 institutions, has moved hundreds of thousands of lower-income students into the middle class through high-quality, publicly subsidized education. But many high school graduates enter CUNY academically unprepared. CUNY has responded by creating programs that help industrious students close the gap, whether through remedial classes or extra financial aid. These efforts have proved to be money well spent, as graduation rates for program recipients have risen substantially.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Bottom-up: Half of CUNY students come from families earning $20,000 or less yearly. Read more.

  2. Going Mobile: CUNY leads the nation’s universities in the percentage of its students starting in the bottom quintile of income and then, as graduates, reaching the top quintile. Read more.

  3. PossibleASAP, a CUNY program that provides extra support for needy students, has doubled three-year associate-degree graduation rates compared with those of similar CUNY students. Read more.

“If you want to move more low-income individuals out of poverty through degree attainment, you must address students’ issues comprehensively.”

Donna Linderman, CUNY Dean for Student Success Initiatives

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The Past is Present

CUNY Could Be Great Again By Heather Mac Donald (Winter 1998)

“The sixties turned the once-proud City University into a backwater of remediation and race politics. Time to change its course.”

And in other news...

“After two decades of dithering by government officials and four years of herculean drilling, pounding, hauling and lifting by 7,000 workers, a new 3.1-mile bridge is set to open at the Tappan Zee…”