Fast Food Scheduling

The Story

It is now the law in New York City that retail and fast-food establishments must provide their employees with precise work schedules as much as two weeks ahead of time, and fast-food restaurants must provide extra compensation when they ask employees to fill in at the last minute. Burdening these businesses with even more regulations than they already face will only raise the cost of hiring new employees. Ultimately, unskilled workers will suffer the brunt of these stifling new mandates.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Robot: In an effort to contain labor costs, fast-food restaurants such as Wendy’s have already begun to automate the customer-facing function with the use of touchscreens, which will eliminate many jobs. Read more.

  2. Progressive: The new legislation, following an increase in the minimum wage and paid sick leave requirements, represents yet another example of progressive government burdening business with a costly social welfare agenda. Read more.

  3. More For Less: When employers are forced to pay overtime, compensate workers for shift changes, or pay the costs of other regulatory intrusions, they tend to respond by lowering pay. Read more.

“Thin margins and volatility in the retail business make flexibility in scheduling a matter of survival.”

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The Past is Present

Cuomo’s Costly Fast-Food Wage Hike is Based on Bad Data and Faulty Logic By Lawrence J. Mone and Alex Armlovich (July 2015)

“Higher minimum wages put young unskilled workers at risk of unemployment and risk shrinking the economic pie in an attempt to redistribute it.”

And in other news...

“A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that a city law to regulate carwash businesses violated federal law because it encouraged unionization, dealing a blow to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to increase protections for low-wage carwash employees.”