Indian Point

The Story

Governor Cuomo has celebrated the slated closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant as a political victory. While Cuomo may have boosted his apparent presidential aspirations by appeasing far-left environmental groups, the consequences of prematurely shuttering New York City’s single most important power plant have not been sufficiently considered.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Reliability: Adding lots of renewables while shuttering traditional power plants can destabilize the electric grid and lead to blackouts. Read more.

  2. Ugly: Meeting Cuomo’s 50-percent renewable-electricity mandate by 2030 will require building about 1,000 miles of new high-voltage transmission lines so that energy from upstate wind- and solar-energy projects can be moved to downstate residents. Read more.

  3. Counter-climate: Studies from California and New England have shown that greenhouse gas emissions rise after the closure of nuclear power plants – that’s the exact opposite of what Cuomo says he wants to see happen in New York. Read more.

“Retaining all existing nuclear generators is critical to the State’s carbon emission reduction requirements as well as maintaining electric system reliability.”

New York Independent System Operator

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“It’s time to end the nuclear industry’s 30-year sentence.”

And in other news...

“A good government group has filed a formal request with the state’s Authorities Budget Office to investigate Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to put hundreds of millions of dollars worth of LED lights on the MTA’s bridges and tunnels even as the city’s subway system is in crisis.”