Kids in Detention Need Friends, Too

The Story

Youth in the juvenile-justice system need as much support from family, social, and civic structures as possible. Many young delinquents lack positive role models at home, though. The city council took a positive step last month, passing a law allowing clergy, coaches, counselors, and other mentor figures to visit young people in juvenile detention.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Rough: Youth from single-parent households have substantially higher rates of criminality than kids with two parents living at home. Read more.

  2. Tumble: As early as fifth grade, boys growing up without fathers are significantly more disruptive than their peers with two parents. Read more.

  3. Mentors: High-risk youth, especially from single-parent homes, show positive behavioral outcomes after being mentored by non-relative adults. Read more.

“The link between criminality and fatherlessness holds even in countries with lavish social-welfare systems.”

Kay Hymowitz, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

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The Past is Present

Raising Children for an Uncivil Society By Kay S. Hymowitz (Summer 1997)

“Today’s child-rearing experts believe that children civilize themselves. Should we be surprised by the results?”

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