Make Room for Charters

The Story

State law mandates that New York City must provide space in public school buildings or provide rental assistance in private facilities for charter schools to operate, whether in existing school buildings or in stand-alone facilities. But the city is dragging its feet on providing seats for charter students. As more families make the choice to send their kids to charter schools, the Department of Education needs to move expeditiously to make room for them—as the law requires.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Score: Economically disadvantaged charter students in New York City outscored their district peers by 19 points in math, 12 points in English. Read more.

  2. Space: Though the DOE says that logistical problems complicate the siting of charter schools within existing buildings, school-space utilization rates in many needy districts are below 80%. Read more.

  3. Race: Many charters are more racially diverse than their district-school peers. Read more.

“It's sort of like nobody's home at City Hall. We keep knocking on the door asking, begging, when can we know where our children are going to be placed."

Eva Moskowitz, founder Success Academy

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Charters’ Promise By Marcus A. Winters (September 2009)

“New York State should remove restrictions on charter schools’ growth.”

And in other news...

“Mayor de Blasio cruised to an easy victory in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, trouncing little-known former City Council member Sal Albanese and other long-shot hopefuls in a race that was never competitive.”