No Zest for Tests

The Story

Mayor de Blasio promised to improve the performance of the city’s schools, and student performance on standardized tests has shown some slight gains in the last three years. However, improvement is limited, and it is questionable whether year-over-year comparisons can even be drawn. The Department of Education continues to fail to bring a majority of its students to proficiency in basic reading and math skills.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Tweaked: Changes in the administration of the tests, including an end to time limits, fewer questions, and publication of most of the prior year’s questions ahead of time, may have skewed gains in the language portion of the test. Read more.

  2. Flatlined: While some student improvement was seen in standardized language tests, math performance showed little change. Read more.

  3. Low Proficiency: Fewer than 40% of the city’s students are proficient in both English and math. Read more.

“In education, as elsewhere, the surest route to better quality lies in choice, accountability, and innovation.”

Alex Armlovich, Manhattan Institute fellow

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The Past is Present

Gotham’s Telltale Reading Tests By Sol Stern (Autumn 2006)

“Read ’em and weep at P.S. 33.”

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“Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Tuesday banning the use of electronic cigarettes on school grounds across the state.”