Slow Ride

The Story

New York City’s subways appear to be on a downward trend. Delays have made every ride a mystery trip, and crime, which is down citywide, seems to have gone underground—into the transit system. Political will is needed to force the MTA to come to grips with the woeful condition of its infrastructure and the deleterious effects of its labor agreements, but Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have failed to show leadership. Meantime, New Yorkers are seeing a major component of their quality of life degraded.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Signals: The new MTA capital plan cuts funding for subway “signals and communications,” which are essential to keeping the trains running on time. Read more.

  2. Showtime: Subway crime continues to rise, and the notorious “showtime” dancers have made an ominous resurgence. Read more.

  3. Signoff: The MTA continues to make costly and unnecessary agreements with the Transport Workers Union, adding hundreds of millions of dollars in annual costs. Read more.

“The MTA has increasingly turned to debt, and looming interest costs will soon widen today’s huge operating gaps and constrict capital investment for decades.”

Nicole Gelinas, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

As New Yorkers learned in January, when a fire in a signal-relay room knocked out service for the half-million people who ride the A and C trains daily, Gotham’s subways are in deep trouble.”

And in other news...

“Is it time to get cars out of the Crossroads of the World?”