The Story

Getting hundreds of thousands of New Jersey commuters in and out of Manhattan every day is an enormous logistical challenge. A great many of these workers take the bus to work. But the Port Authority Bus Terminal, where the commuter buses drop off and pick up their riders, is overused and falling apart. A new terminal is urgently needed, but siting it in Manhattan may prove impossible. The Port Authority should seriously consider putting a new bus terminal in New Jersey and extending rail service under the Hudson to link commuters to Manhattan.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Fifty Years Full: The bus terminal opened in 1950, and has been over capacity since 1966. Read more.

  2. Packed: Every workday, more than a quarter-million New Jersey residents travel through the PABT, the busiest bus terminal in the world. Read more.

  3. Two-seats: Only 51% of New Jersey commuters currently enjoy the fabled “one-seat” ride, so a Secaucus rail link would not necessarily add a leg to many trips. Read more.

“Building a new Manhattan bus terminal would likely be the toughest thing that New York and New Jersey undertake in a generation.”

Nicole Gelinas, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Terminal Illness By James Taranto (Winter 1992)

“The Port Authority Bus Terminal seems designed to make the commuters who use it—mostly from New Jersey—feel at home; it resembles a suburban shopping mall, albeit a rather dreary one.”

And in other news...

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