A Tale of Two States

The Story

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New York State’s economic growth has been about average over the last decade, compared with the nation’s as a whole. But a closer look reveals a more complex story. The New York City metro region has been doing very well, while the rest of the state is in severe decline.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Jobs: Upstate New York ranks near the bottom nationally in private-sector job creation. Read more.

  2. Growth: Due to high taxes and anti-business regulations, upstate was mired in a slow-growth pattern even before the last recession. Read more.

  3. People: The entire state—including New York City—is experiencing net migration outflows to other states. Read more.

“Upstate’s political, demographic, and economic decline isn’t good news for New York City or its suburbs.”

EJ McMahon, research director of the Empire Center for Public Policy

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

New York State’s Fiscal Reckoning By E. J. McMahon (Autumn, 2008)

“The financial-market implosion and the coming transformation of the securities industry will expose the fundamental flaw in New York State’s woefully overextended public finance model.”

And in other news...

“Straphangers, beware: some iPhone users who are swiping in with MetroCards are being double-charged at subway stations that use the MTA’s new tap-and-go payment system.”