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The state legislature finished up its session last week having made good on a promise to pass as much of its far-left agenda as possible. The implications of the new legislation will take years to play out. But there is no question that one-party Albany is imposing a radical vision on New York State.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Rent: The state eliminated apartment deregulation, ensuring that much of New York’s housing stock will face deterioration as owners lose incentive to improve their buildings. Read more.

  2. Charter: The cap on charter schools stays in effect, meaning that 50,000 New York City kids will remain on waiting lists, without the chance to attend one of the city’s high-performing charters. Read more.

  3. Carbon: Pursuing a goal of zero carbon emissions, Albany has empowered state agencies to exercise command authority over economic activity. Read more.

“This will lead to disinvestment in the city’s private-sector rental stock, consigning hundreds of thousands of rent-regulated tenants to living in buildings that are likely to fall into disrepair.”

Taxpayers for an Affordable New York

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“In a sense, Mr. Salam grew up in his think tank’s New York. The Manhattan Institute played an important role, for example, in advocating the influential ‘broken windows’ theory of policing, which emphasizes public order and was put into effect in the city during Mr. Salam’s teenage years.”

The Past is Present

Albany Inc. By Lawrence J. Mone, The New York Sun (January 12, 2006)

“In countless deals such as this, the Capitol cabal has ramped up taxes, spending and public debt. Little wonder that New York voters see lawmaking in the state capital as strictly a pay-to-play game.”

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“A New York City program aims to move homeless people out of the subway by giving them shelter and support services instead of tickets.”