Albany’s Energy War

The Story

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Governor Cuomo has been pushing his environmental agenda for years, and he’s at it again. Now the governor wants to shut down what’s left of the state’s operating coal-fired power plants. It’s the latest example of how Cuomo puts climate-change activism ahead of the state’s energy consumers.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Dunkirk: Cuomo has sworn to block offshore oil drilling by assembling and leading a Dunkirk-style flotilla of private pleasure craft. Read more.

  2. Hot Air: By forcing the premature closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant, Cuomo, who has already banned hydraulic fracturing, has assured that New York will be even more dependent on natural gas for electricity production. Read more.

  3. Windy: The growing backlash against upstate wind projects has forced the governor to promote offshore wind — one of the most expensive methods of electricity production.  Read more.

”New York’s electricity prices are already 40 percent higher than the U.S. average . . . [Cuomo’s] offshore scheme will send those rates even higher.”

Robert Bryce, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

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The Past is Present

Get Dense By Robert Bryce (Winter 2012)

“It’s time to stop wasting land and resources in the name of environmentalism.”

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And in other news...

“New York City Transit Authority chief Andy Byford on Wednesday released his much anticipated plan to quickly fix New York’s subway and bus systems, whose problems are so profound that they are losing ridership, even as the city’s population continues to grow.”