Are the Schools Racist?

The Story

New York City schools chancellor Richard Carranza has made no secret of his desire to reshape the system to match his progressive vision, especially when it comes to school demographics. Now, a new Department of Education report describes how the city plans to change the admissions process of middle schools in District 15 (which includes Park Slope and Sunset Park) in order to achieve a more racially balanced student population. The report’s focus on race as the key problem facing the school system avoids the real issue, however: the DOE’s failure to educate all its students. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Bias: The study explains the low grades of some minority students by pointing to teachers’ “implicit bias,” though the science behind this concept is dubious. Read more.

  2. Late: The study encourages the elimination of student screening based on attendance and tardiness, but these measures are crucial indicators of classroom success. Read more.

  3. Achievement: What progressive advocates call school segregation does not adequately explain large variations in student performance. Read more.

“Our egalitarian dogmas destroy low-income and minority youngsters’ opportunities for real equality.”

Thomas Sowell

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The Past is Present

Justice Isn’t Colorblind in New Orleans By Scott Beyer (October 31, 2013)

“The Feds target a school-choice program that is helping minority kids and reducing segregation.”

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And in other news...

“City officials revealed Thursday there were 1,375 positive lead poisoning tests in children since 2012 in NYCHA — the first complete figure in the widening scandal.”