Bail Trouble

The Story

The state legislature has reformed New York’s bail laws, mandating immediate pretrial release for a wide range of criminal suspects. Judges will not have the option of remanding repeat offenders unless the charges involve violence. Pretrial-detention decisions should be based on keeping New Yorkers safe, not on making life more convenient for criminals.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Myth: Contrary to what reformers claim, most people in New York City jails are there for violent crimes, including murder, rape, and illegal gun possession. Read more.

  2. Model: Though he became a symbolic figure for bail-reform advocates, Kalief Browder was held in jail not because of an inability to pay bail but because he violated the terms of his probation. Read more.

  3. Major: The new law will mandate the automatic pretrial release of almost all drug offenders, including major traffickers. Read more.

“Bail reforms in the state budget let judges remand or set bail for people charged with a short list of major crimes, but remove any and all discretion for other offenses…”

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The Past is Present

Jailhouse Law By Summer 1994

“During the 1960s, a series of U.S. Supreme Court rulings opened the way for inmates to bring civil-liberties suits in federal court alleging mistreatment or unlawful conditions in state prisons.”

And in other news...

“Facing an insurmountable funding shortage that has plunged the city’s public housing stock into disrepair, the de Blasio administration is considering demolishing and rebuilding some of its New York City Housing Authority properties in partnership with private developers, according to five people familiar with the proposal.”