The Story

Three roads beetling out from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade are crumbling and require immediate repair. The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway’s “Triple Cantilever” is an engineering marvel, but fixing it will be a construction nightmare. The state could help the city’s Department of Transportation by permitting “design-build,” a method of project delivery that integrates planning and construction in one process and is proven to save time and money on major public works projects. Design-build offers the best chance of fixing the BQE speedily. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Liable: Design-build construction contains costs by making one contractor responsible for planning and building a project on time. By contrast, New York’s traditional construction process holds taxpayers liable for cost and schedule overruns. Read more.

  2. Done: Two of Governor Cuomo’s pet projects — the new Tappan Zee and Kosciuszko Bridges —  were completed using design-build. Read more.

  3. Firms: Opposition to design-build comes primarily from construction companies, which would prefer that planning and building remain separately contracted elements of development. Read more.

“If design-build was good enough for Kosciuszko Bridge and the Mario Cuomo Bridge, why isn’t it good enough for the BQE?”

Corey Johnson, NYC Council speaker

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“Unless New York starts tapping new sources of capital, including more money from the private sector, it will never find enough to pay for all the necessary work, and every project that it delays or defers will put drivers at risk.”

And in other news...

“City Council members introduced what is being dubbed the “Ban the Baloney” resolution at the request of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who has switched to a plant-based diet to manage his diabetic condition.”