Burn Your Forests

The Story

New York State sits atop one of the world’s largest reservoirs of natural gas, but the Cuomo administration’s perverse ban on drilling has caused a shortage of gas for downstate consumers. The governor has proposed a novel solution to the energy problem: burn wood, which counts as “renewable” energy and is thus “green.” The Left’s opposition to fracking has led them to encourage New Yorkers to cut down forests and burn them for heat. There is a better way.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. No Gas: ConEd has announced a moratorium on new gas hookups in Westchester County. Read more.

  2. Biomass: The state proposes that more people switch to burning “biomass” for heat, but wood is among the worst emitters of greenhouses gases. Read more.

  3. Fracked Up: Hydrofracking has been an economic (and energy) boon to states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Read more.

“Instead of the opportunities offered by fracking, upstate’s shivering residents are told to burn their own forests for heat.”

Clark Whelton, City Journal contributor

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Shale Game By Clark Whelton (January 8, 2012)

“New York State is a lonely holdout against the natural-gas revolution.”

And in other news...

“Council Speaker Corey Johnson has targeted a sacred cow in his plan to reform the MTA: New York’s much-maligned Scaffold Law, which critics say boosts insurance costs for transit projects and on other construction in New York State by hundreds of millions of dollars.”