Campaign Finance Delusions

The Story

Last November, New York City voters approved an expansion of the already-generous laws governing public financing of elections. Now, the city council has gone beyond this public mandate, repealing much of the new law and replacing it with an even more extensive system of giveaways. Advocates tout the latest reforms as democracy in action, but the changes are more likely to enrich political consultants at the expense of taxpayers.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Pay: Campaign-finance laws are supposed to reduce public corruption, but pay-to-play politics rules New York. Read more.

  2. Inside: Public financing is supposed to bring outsiders into the system, but insiders continue to dominate. Read more.

  3. Turnout: New York has the most expansive campaign-financing system in the country, but voter turnout in the city is abysmal. Read more.

“This is not about getting big money out of politics.”

Kalman Yeger, NYC Councilmember

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

“An ongoing danger, despite two recent court victories.”

And in other news...

“All eyes are on Albany as the week begins and there are just three scheduled days of this year’s legislative session left – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – with a number of issues on the table for potential deals, from legalization of adult-use marijuana to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, sweeping environmental legislation to changes to the state’s sexual harassment laws, and much more.”