Casino Economy

The Story

In 2013, looking for an economic boost for upstate, Governor Cuomo pushed to expand casino gambling. Four years later, upstate casinos aren’t bringing in nearly as much money as projected, and New York taxpayers are providing millions in subsidies to keep at least one of the gambling houses afloat. Bogus giveaways, subsidies, and casino expansion don’t produce real economic development; New York State needs to change its tax and regulatory structure to give businesses a reason to expand.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Film: A plan to attract film production to Syracuse has cost New York State taxpayers millions and resulted in a lawsuit. Read more.

  2. Denominator: Governor Cuomo has hyped supposed job growth on the Southern Tier, though the apparent increase reflects the fact that the population is shrinking faster than total employment numbers. Read more.

  3. Minimum: Passage of a $12 minimum wage for upstate will likely result in the loss of 200,000 jobs across the region. Read more.

“Film Hub was an utter waste of public money on a cockamamie project. These are tax dollars that could have gone to roads, schools or clean water.”

John Kaeheny, Executive Director of Reinvent Albany

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Upstate: Rage or Resignation? By Fred Siegel (Autumn 2010)

“North and west of the city, New Yorkers are fed up.”

And in other news...

“Mayor Bill de Blasio took a two-block bus ride Friday morning to the far West Side, where he unveiled a plan that he promised would improve life for New Yorkers forced to rely on the balky vehicles to get around.”