Charter School Safety

The Story

Following a multiple stabbing at a Bronx high school that resulted in the death of a student, the issue of school safety is in the news again. Mayor de Blasio insists that schools are safer than ever, but many teachers and students don’t seem so sure. A new study evaluating safety at charter schools and district schools finds that the charters appear to be doing a better job.  

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Safer: Out of 150 charter schools, nearly half offer a safer environment than neighboring district schools. Read more.

  2. Shifting: Mayor de Blasio’s Department of Education has changed the way that it surveys schools, obfuscating the significance of year-over-year safety comparisons. Read more.

  3. Mayhem: District school teachers are reporting higher levels of disorder. Read more.

“While every charter school is different, and the advantage is not universal, the conclusion is unmistakable: From a parent’s perspective, a charter school is frequently the safest option in the neighborhood.”

Max Eden, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Our Schools’ Cellular Plague By Marc Epstein (September 2007)

“Mobile phones encourage theft and assault—but banning them in schools isn’t working.”

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