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New York City charter schools continue to draw criticism and complaints from the education establishment. Yet, as recent studies show, charter schools often achieve results that equal or surpass those of their traditional public school peers. While teachers’ unions and bureaucrats continue to protect their monopoly on public education — a system that delivers spotty results for the neediest students — charters offer many kids from poor families the opportunity to get an excellent education.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Plus: A review of the literature demonstrates that attending a charter school in New York City has a positive effect on performance, particularly for math scores. Read more.

  2. Equal: Differences in funding between traditional and charter schools do not appear to affect school quality. Read more.

  3. Null: Contrary to conventional wisdom, charter schools do not negatively impact district school performance. Read more.

“It's cruel and unnecessary for government to limit choice this way, but many politicians have an investment in maintaining the power of bureaucrats and teacher unions.”

John Stossel

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The Past is Present

Happy Birthday, Charter Schools By Thomas W. Carroll (December 18, 2008)

“A ten-year-old law, mostly successful in New York.”

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“When it comes to climate change, the people who oversee the New York City and State pension investments agree that the threat to people and property is real.”