Cheap Rhetoric Over Real Reform

The Story

Photo: Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School via Flickr

New York schools chief Richard Carranza is working hard to make change happen—but his kind of change won’t do much to improve education. His dubious campaign to root out implicit racial bias from the minds of New York City public school teachers is in full swing. Carranza has failed to explain how this effort—or his goal of establishing demographic parity in middle schools—will make things better for the city’s 1 million schoolchildren.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Quality: Over the last four decades, previous schools chancellors have made significant strides in improving school quality–without focusing their attention on “implicit” racial bias. Read more.

  2. Segregation: Carranza’s complaint that New York City’s schools are racially segregated is odd, considering that 85% of the system’s students are minorities. Read more.

  3. History: Carranza shows little understanding of the history of the New York City school system. Read more.

“Carranza’s appeal to racial resentment is cynical and misguided.”

Ray Domanico, Manhattan Institute director, education policy

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

How the Mayor Should Fix the Schools By Anthony P. Coles (Summer 2002)

“No silver bullet—or even ten silver bullets—will fix completely a system so large, complex, and chronically mismanaged. But this reform agenda will take the mayor a long way toward achieving the success that all New Yorkers wish him.”

And in other news...

“The spate of cyclist deaths drew anguished cries from transportation advocates and undercut a signature policy of the mayor.”