Child Safety Left to Chance

The Story

Nothing is more horrible than the murder of a child, especially at the hands of a guardian. But when these tragedies are preventable, they become scandals. Officials in New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) remain devoted to a near-absolutist vision of “family preservation” that has led to too many children being reunited with monsters — and has resulted in a grim litany of unnecessary deaths. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Safety: ACS’s devotion to family unification often makes child safety a secondary concern. Read more.

  2. Caseload: The average caseload per child-protective specialist spiked 17% over the last year and is now above the agency’s designated maximum. Read more.

  3. Gaps: A comptroller’s audit randomly selected 25 cases for review; in 64% of these, mandatory domestic-violence screenings had not been conducted; in 92%, required biweekly home visits had not taken place. Read more.

“[Children] known to the system but left in danger, don’t slip through its cracks. They are the victims not of ineptitude but of ideology.”

Dennis Saffran, contributor, City Journal

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Fatal Preservation By Dennis Saffran (Summer 1997)

“’Family preservation’ may please advocates, but it kills kids.”

And in other news...

“Troubled chopper tour company FlyNYON is still selling its signature “doors off” flights — even though they were made illegal after one ended in an East River crash that killed five.”