Closing Failed Schools

The Story

The city is closing another set of five Renewal schools, along with five other failing schools. With an influx of money and resources, the half-billion-dollar Renewal program was meant to signal a new era for troubled schools, but it has seen continued challenges and failures. The city is starting to face up to the reality that many of these failed schools should have been closed years ago.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Little to Show: Renewal schools have posted at best only marginal improvements in test scores, despite massive extra funding. Read more.

  2. Graduates: Closing failing schools increases graduation rates by 15 percentage points. Read more.

  3. Opportunity: Closing a failing school has been shown to improve the educational prospects for the students who had been enrolled there. Read more.

“Many of the Renewal schools have failed to close the achievement gap in any meaningful way. And seven in nine enroll fewer students now than they did when the program began.”

Letitia James, NYC Public Advocate

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Featured Study

This infographic compares two strategies
to serve NYC’s most disadvantaged students:
Renewal Schools and Success Academy Schools
The results are striking.


The Past is Present

The Charter School Revolution By Ryan Sager (Spring 2005)

“Two other reasons for Amistad’s achievement—a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and the creation of a vigorous school community—are both on display during morning circle.”

And in other news...

The New York Post and 13 other news organizations are asking a Manhattan judge to keep open the public’s access to NYPD body-cam footage after the police union sued the city to keep the recordings private.”