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Mayor de Blasio unveiled his latest answer to the homelessness crisis last week. Instead of paying to shelter homeless families in “cluster sites,” the city will simply buy the cluster site apartment buildings from their owners — by force, if necessary — and convert them into permanent subsidized housing. By giving homeless families permanent apartments, the city will incentivize people to enter the shelter system; this plan demonstrates the desperation of the de Blasio administration over the problem of homelessness.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Worse: The population of homeless families with children in the city’s shelter system is up 6% since last year. Read more.

  2. Double: Mayor de Blasio has nearly doubled spending on homeless services since he took office, but the problem is getting worse. Read more.

  3. Force: The mayor’s threat to use eminent domain to force the sale of the existing cluster sites represents central planning at its worst. Read more.

“In the progressive mind, there is only one kind of poverty. It is always an impersonal force wrought by capitalism, with no way out that doesn’t involve massive government help.”

Kay Hymowitz, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

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The Past is Present

What Really Causes Family Homelessness? By Randall K. Filer (Autumn 1990)

“New York has twice as many homeless families as most American cities. Here’s why.”

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“The mayor sang the praises of outgoing city schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña on Thursday — but some insiders say privately he’s not so sorry to see her leave.”