Co-location or New Construction?

The Story

A state law requires New York City either to provide space for charter schools or to pay their rent. Mayor de Blasio’s administration has consistently defied the law by by refusing to guarantee space for charter students. Critics claim that allowing charters to co-locate inside district schools takes resources away from traditional schools. They’re wrong: co-location has no statistically perceptible effect on student test scores within traditional public schools.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. No Riches: Despite claims by opponents that charter schools are swimming in riches, many charters, particularly older ones, are substantially shortchanged on funding. Read more

  2. More Rent: Forcing co-located charter schools to pay rent, as Mayor de Blasio promised to do during his electoral campaign, would drive 71 percent of such schools into deficit, and likely cause their closure. Read more

  3. Better Resolution: Partnerships between government and private non-profit organizations such as Civic Builders promote nimble development while remaining within the legal limits on charter school financing in New York. Read more.  

"I find no evidence that colocations ... have any discernible impact (positive or negative) on student achievement in a traditional public school."

-Marcus Winters

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

No Co-location For You By Marcus Winters (February 2014)

“Yesterday, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio revoked a Bloomberg administration promise to provide free public space to three schools in Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter school network. Because charters receive no capital funds, these schools need the free space within the publicly owned facilities in order to operate.”

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Jon Stewart, the recently retired host of “The Daily Show,” exhorted Congress on Wednesday to permanently extend a law providing treatment and compensation to rescue workers who were injured or sickened by the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”