Crime Spike

The Story

Though crime in most categories remains at historic lows in New York City, the last few months have seen frightening upticks in violent crime. Shootings are up 16% citywide over the last month, and in the Bronx, murder is up by almost one-third. The NYPD has a quarter-century of Broken Windows policing expertise to draw upon to fight this recent increase in deadly violence. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Precise: “Precision policing,” the NYPD’s enhanced new strategy, continues a focus on quality of life and order maintenance while acknowledging the importance of officer discretion. Read more.

  2. Tracked: Critics and opponents allege that Broken Windows policing is racist, but they ignore data showing that the demography of arrests and the demography of perpetrators (as reported by their victims) align nearly exactly. Read more.


  3. Guns: The crime spike may have to do with fewer illegal guns being removed from the streets as a result of decriminalization and selective non-prosecution of crimes such as fare-beating. Read more.

“Neither policing nor incarceration is an end in itself. Each is a second-best solution to maintaining public order when family and respect for the law have broken down.”

Heather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

With Friends Like These . . . By Heather Mac Donald (Spring 1995)

“The crack epidemic has wreaked havoc on New York City’s public housing.”

And in other news...

“As part of the city’s sweeping plan to close its troubled Rikers Island jail facility, a nine-story government building at 80 Centre Street would be gutted and replaced with a new detention center that could rise as high as 40 stories, the Mayor’s Office said.”