CUNY Law Disgrace

The Story

A visiting professor’s recent discussion of the importance of free speech was met with shouting, protests, and invective by a crowd of students at the CUNY School of Law. The students alleged, with zero evidence, that Josh Blackman supports free speech in order to mask white supremacist views. The crisis of free speech on campus has come to New York City. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Policy: Incredibly, CUNY administrators said that disrupting an invited speaker’s talk was not a violation of university policy. Read more.

  2. Pay Up: While tolerating the suppression of free speech, CUNY forces students to pay fees to the liberal off-campus activist group PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), which funnels donations to its affiliate groups. Read more.

  3. Useful: Elected officials have frequently used City College and the CUNY system for self-serving political ends. Read more.

“It is a bizarre thing to say f**k the law when you are in law school."

Josh Blackman, South Texas College of Law professor

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

CUNY Could Be Great Again By Heather Mac Donald (Winter 1998)

“The sixties turned the once-proud City University into a backwater of remediation and race politics. Time to change its course.”

And in other news...

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