Cuomo in Charge

The Story

Governor Cuomo, whose third term began yesterday, announced recently that he would strip Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli of his authority to oversee crucial state construction contracts. Cuomo says that such authority has “never been proven” to prevent fraud. But coming on the heels of one of the biggest scandals in state history—involving the same entities in question, and which sent personal friends of the governor to prison—Cuomo’s move suggests that Albany’s culture of corruption is more entrenched than ever.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Billions: Corruption in the Buffalo Billion scandal was so widespread that federal prosecutors had to intervene because state and local law enforcement wouldn’t get involved. Read more.

  2. Master Builder: Having promised to spend more than $150 billion on state construction projects, Cuomo is ensuring that he will have unprecedented authority to determine where the money goes. Read more.

  3. King: From the courts to the state senate to the office of the attorney general, Governor Cuomo has consolidated his grip on the levers of power in Albany. Read more.

“Cuomo has never been bashful about deploying New York’s lushly funded economic-development engine to serve his interests.”

Bob McManus, City Journal contributing editor

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The Past is Present

Albany's Toxic Taxes By Rob Norton (Autumn 1994)

“Rich in every other advantage, New York State’s economy withers under a thirty-year tax blight. It’s time to reverse the tax-and-spend plague now.”

And in other news...

“New Yorkers should brush up on new legislation over birth certificates, cigarettes, minimum wage and more.”