Cuomo’s Train Set

The Story

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Governor Cuomo’s State of the State speech offered a grand proposal to expand Penn Station. His plan would absorb an entire city block to construct new train platforms, more than doubling the number of tracks available to commuters and long-distance travelers. But as long as the fundamental infrastructure to bring trains in and out of the city remains inadequate, building out the existing terminal will not improve regional transportation.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Two: Just two train tracks link Penn Station to New Jersey. Read more.

  2. Cost: Runaway labor costs make New York City’s per-mile tunnel-construction price tag roughly 10 to 25 times more expensive than comparable cities. Read more.

  3. Speech: Governor Cuomo has called for massive rail infrastructure projects in the past, with no serious plan for how to pay for them. Read more.

“Cuomo’s plan was short on details, and neither explained what purpose the new tracks would serve nor tried to justify their multibillion-dollar cost.”

Eric Kober, Manhattan Institute Adjunct Fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Underground Pioneers By Clifton Hood (Spring, 1994)

“Builders of New York’s first subway faced a severe challenge in Manhattan’s geology.
Although the island has a total of only 23 square miles, it harbors an
unrivaled range of forbidding features.”

And in other news...

“Some officials are pushing the city to make the holiday street closures around Rockefeller Center permanent, saying the recent experiment to limit the crowded block to pedestrians has been a success.”