De Blasio’s Record on Schools

The Story

Mayor de Blasio has campaigned on his education record, and he has some accomplishments to tout. Universal pre-kindergarten has been a success, and high school graduation rates have inched up. But serious challenges persist, and the mayor’s overall record in managing the nation’s largest school system is decidedly mixed.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Ready or Not: New York City high school graduation rates are up, but only half of graduates have met CUNY’s standards for college readiness. Read more.

  2. Resource-Rich: The mayor pumped resources into “Renewal Schools,” but for all the money spent, these struggling schools show only limited improvement. Read more.

  3. Outdone: Though maligned by de Blasio, the city’s charter schools continue to outperform traditional district schools on state tests. Read more.

“School improvements may have been achieved despite the de Blasio administration as much as because of it.”

Charles Sahm, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Learning Zones—Breaking Up Educational Gridlock By Steven Philips, Diana Nelson, Lorraine Monroe, Lawrence J. Mone, Colman Genn, John Elwell, Bruce Cooper, Amalia Betanzos (Spring 1994)

“Successful public school principals and teachers complain that their biggest obstacle in creating good schools is constricting and time-consuming regulations emanating from the central bureaucracy.”

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“New York transportation authorities on Thursday began placing hundreds of large concrete barriers at 57 intersections along the Hudson River Park Bikeway in an effort to protect the popular path from future terror attacks.”