Decongesting New York

The Story

Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have announced a new plan to fix the MTA. In addition to streamlining planning on construction projects and creating other efficiencies, the plan includes the implementation of congestion pricing to ease traffic in Midtown and Lower Manhattan while creating a new revenue stream for public transit. The mayor and governor don’t have an impressive legacy of joint accomplishment, but their new plan has potential–if they can get it through the state legislature.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Slow: Crosstown speeds are at their slowest in recorded history. Read more.

  2. Service: At the same time that Manhattan’s above ground traffic has gotten so terrible, poor service has led fewer people to take the buses and subways. Read more.

  3. Labor: Congestion pricing alone will not provide enough money to fix the MTA, where soaring labor costs are crowding out other needs. Read more.

“I’ve been driving for 52 years in New York City. I’ve never seen it this bad.”

Sam Schwartz, former NYC Traffic Commissioner

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Getting Around New York By E. S. Savas (Summer 1993)

“New York City’s traffic problem is unique in the United States. Because it is situated mostly on a small, densely populated group of islands, the city has a transportation network characterized by choke points and congestion.”

Featured Video

Nicole Gelinas joins Richard Brodsky at The Century Foundation (TCF) and NYU Wagner debate on whether New York City should implement congestion pricing to tackle the mounting challenges facing its residents.

And in other news...

“Seventeen candidates vied for the post, which serves as New York City’s watchdog but wields little power.”