Defeat on Renewal Schools

The Story

Where his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, sought to shut down failing schools, Mayor de Blasio pledged to direct more money to them. But de Blasio’s Renewal Schools program failed, and evidence has emerged that he knew that the plan wasn’t working by 2015, but persisted in keeping the failing schools open. The mayor owes an explanation to parents of children who attended schools that should have been closed.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Cost: What minor improvement the Renewal Schools managed to achieve didn’t come close to justifying the program’s extraordinarily high costs. Read more.

  2. Charter: Compared with certain charter schools, Renewal Schools radically underperformed. Read more.

  3. Closing: The Bloomberg strategy of closing failing schools resulted in the opening of 650 new, smaller schools that improved graduation rates for struggling kids. Read more.

“The research suggests that despite a substantial increase in resources, renewal schools have made only marginal improvements on average, and many still perform much worse than expected given the demographic profile of their students.”

Marcus Winters, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

The Limits of Democracy By Marcus A. Winters, Gotham Gazette (May 18, 2009)

“The vote in Albany deciding whether or not to reauthorize the law giving the mayor control of New York City’s public schools is approaching quickly. A vociferous effort by defenders of the old system has recently dampened the support for keeping the power in the mayor’s hands.”

And in other news...

“City election officials admitted Wednesday there are no assurances that future voting — including a 2020 presidential race with likely epic turnout — would go any more smoothly than the Election Day debacle of monster lines, busted machines and late polling-site openings.”