Plan for New Schools

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Mayor de Blasio has announced a public-private initiative to open 20 new schools and “transform” 20 others around the city. The Schools NYC Challenge will pair the Department of Education with nonprofit education groups to design “Imagine” and “Reimagine” schools. It’s laudable that the city is seeking outside solutions for building new schools, though past efforts at rebooting subpar schools have not been terribly successful.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. New: Innovative schools have demonstrated success in educating struggling students. Read more.

  2. Charters: De Blasio’s enthusiasm for “Imagine” schools should soften his resistance to charter schools, which have proven highly effective. Read more.

  3. Renew: Closing failing schools has gotten better results than trying to reengineer them. Read more.

“Currently, too many elementary and middle schools in lower-income neighborhoods provide their students with an unchallenging basic curriculum.”

Ray Domanico, Manhattan Institute director, education policy

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The Past is Present

Charters’ Promise By Marcus A. Winters (September 28, 2009)

“New York State should remove restrictions on charter schools’ growth.”

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“As the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Transport Workers Union continue their contract talks, the prospect of a potential strike looms large.”