Empire of Corruption

The Story

The conviction of Governor Cuomo’s close friend and advisor Joseph Percoco on bribery charges confirms what many have suspected about Albany’s corrosive political culture. Percoco’s influence-peddling casts a shadow on Cuomo’s insistence that his administration is ethical and transparent. The bigger problem, though, is that New York’s entire state government operates as massive pay-to-play operation, built around economic incentives and dubious development projects. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Coming soon: The Percoco conviction is a preview of the forthcoming trial of Alain Kaloyeros, whom Cuomo put in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars of state contracts.  Read more.

  2. High risk: Governor Cuomo and Kaloyeros pushed for direct state financing and ownership of development projects, making risky public investments in volatile industries. Read more.

  3. Moreland: The governor set up a blue-ribbon anti-corruption panel, then shut it down after it began investigating entities with ties to his campaign. Read more.

“For years, Cuomo vowed to clean up corruption. Yet on his watch, New York has seen countless pols caught with dirty hands.”

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The Past is Present

How 211 Nobodies Strangle New York By Brian C. Anderson (Winter 1999)

“Up in Albany, the 211 mostly obscure individuals who make up the New York State Legislature shape the lives of New York City dwellers in ways Gothamites never imagine.”

And in other news...

“Trump administration officials and members of Congress are in talks over including federal funding in a spending bill likely to be voted on this week for a new train tunnel under the Hudson River connecting New York City and New Jersey, three people briefed on the talks said.”