Failure to Renew

The Story

In 2014, Mayor de Blasio proposed a three-year program to turn around a portion of New York’s failing schools. These “Renewal” schools received hundreds of millions of dollars and extra resources to convert them into community hubs and centers of academic excellence. Now, when the program should be wrapping up, about 50 of the original 94 Renewal schools are still struggling. The mayor and his new schools chancellor should either close these low-performing schools or merge them with more successful ones.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Flat: Renewal schools showed improvement in state test scores at the same rate as city schools generally, suggesting that they haven’t demonstrated any relative improvement. Read more.

  2. Closed: The Bloomberg administration’s practice of closing failing schools produced similar gains in per-student achievement as the Renewal program, at no additional cost. Read more.

  3. Charter: New York City’s charter schools, with a similar student composition as the Renewal schools, radically outperform all district schools. Read more.

“Most of the schools in de Blasio’s costly three-year Renewal schools program (now in its fourth year) remain utter failures.”

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Featured Study

This infographic compares two strategies
to serve NYC’s most disadvantaged students:
Renewal Schools and Success Academy Schools
The results are striking.

The Past is Present

Teachers Against the Poor By Philip Murphy (Summer 1996)

“The city soon discovered that not even the tiniest inroad against the teachers’ union monopoly is too small for its political allies to ignore.”

And in other news...

“While New York City’s subway crisis receives the bulk of public outcry and attention from elected officials, the decade-long bus crisis goes almost unrecognized — and yet fixing it could help take pressure off the subways.”