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The Story

Mayor de Blasio has announced that he will expedite reduction of New York’s carbon-dioxide emissions in order to fulfill his goal of an 80% emissions cut by 2050. The “80 by 50” plan will require upgrading 14,000 buildings with new boilers, roofs, and windows to bring them up to peak efficiency. But it’s not at all clear that these retrofits will achieve the desired results—in fact, many of the promises of the “80 by 50” initiative are so extravagant that they border on science fiction.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Cleanest: New York State already has the lowest per capita carbon emissions in the country, and it isn’t clear how much lower the state can go without hurting productivity. Read more.

  2. Gassed: The “80 by 50” plan would require replacing nearly all the state’s cars and trucks with electric vehicles. Read more.

  3. Not Green: Closing the Indian Point nuclear power plant ensures that New York’s electricity producers will burn even more natural gas to produce the power needed to keep the lights on. Read more.

“Given existing technology, the Clean Energy Standard’s 80 by 50 mandate is unrealistic, unobtainable, and unaffordable.”

Jonathan Lesser, President of Continental Economics

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The Past is Present

Five Truths About Climate Change By Robert Bryce (October 2011)

“It’s time to acknowledge five obvious truths about the climate-change issue.”

And in other news...

“Toronto’s transit chief is moving over to the MTA to head up the Big Apple’s subway and bus system.”