Green Schemes

The Story

Looking to claim progress on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants New York to build and operate renewable energy power plants across the state. But if power generation companies aren’t building wind and solar projects, why do Albany bureaucrats think they can do it better?  

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Beaming: Cuomo is providing some $750 million in subsidies for Solar City in Buffalo, but that “green” project is little more than a patronage deal. Read more.

  2. Gasping: So little renewable energy is actually produced in New York that the state has twice reduced requirements for the amount of renewable power that utility companies must buy. Read more.

  3. Blowing: Building wind turbines in New York State — offshore or upstate — is politically unpopular and will cost ratepayers millions. Read more.

“Cuomo’s presidential ambitions will require New York consumers to pay roughly four times as much for offshore electricity as they currently pay for juice from conventional generators.”

Robert Bryce, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

The Security-Industrial Complex By Mark P. Mills (November 29, 2004)

“The enabling technologies for terror-sensing tools will rapidly migrate to applications in medicine, industry, transportation, telecom and even entertainment, driving a tech boom.”

And in other news...

“MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota is calling for the Manhattan district attorney’s office to reverse course on its new policy to end the criminal prosecution of fare evasion for subways and buses.”