Health Care for All?

The Story

Mayor de Blasio made national news this week when he announced that New York City would provide “guaranteed health care” to all residents, including illegal immigrants. While the initiative sounds like a radical expansion of health care, it is better understood as an outreach effort to publicize existing programs. The mayor succeeded in getting press attention, but his announcement highlights major deficiencies in the city’s public-health system.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Pay for Itself: The mayor claims that his new program will “pay for itself,” but expansions of health care always prove to be more expensive than promised. Read more.

  2. Billions: The city’s public hospital system pays approximately $2.5 billion annually to cover the health-care costs of New York City’s hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Read more.

  3. ER: Getting uninsured people to use primary-care services instead of the emergency room has been the goal of New York City mayors for decades. Read more.

“The mayor’s initiative merely adds to the marketing for the city’s current ‘public option’ health insurance.”

NY Post editorial

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The Soho Forum Debate: Richard Rothstein vs. Howard Husock
Monday, January 14, 6:30 pm
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Tonight at the Soho Forum Richard Rothstein and Howard Husock, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Manhattan Institute, will debate the proposition “Since the federal government fostered housing segregation in the 20th century, the government should foster housing integration in the 21st.”

The Past is Present

Medicaid’s Fatal Attraction By Ned Regan (Winter 1996)

“New York’s legislators love Medicaid for the goodies it lets them dispense. Now it could destroy the city’s and state’s budgetary health.”

And in other news...

“The advocates say it’s the most-sweeping set of improvements to New York’s voting system in memory.”