Helping or Harming the Homeless?

The Story

New York City has seen a surge in homelessness over the last few years, both on the streets and in the shelter system. The city’s response has not been entirely effective. The shelter system is meant to be temporary, but Mayor de Blasio ended a program of incentives to get shelters to move people into permanent housing. De Blasio’s administration must work more effectively with the providers whom it pays to shelter the city’s tens of thousands of homeless people to get them out of the system as quickly as possible. 

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Stay: The average stay for homeless adults in the shelter system has increased from 293 days to 383 days under Mayor de Blasio. Read more.

  2. Performance: Under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, shelters could lose funding if they failed to meet performance benchmarks. Read more.

  3. Doubled: Spending on the homeless has doubled under Mayor de Blasio, but homelessness has gotten worse. Read more.

“Making sure more families and single adults leave shelters for more permanent housing as quickly as possible will require strong action.”

Stephen Eide, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Kicking New York's Dependency Habit By Lawrence Mead (Summer 1991)

“New York is the capital of welfare, but not of welfare reform. No other city is so known for entrenched dependency.”

And in other news...

“Who needs anti-nepotism laws? Mayor de Blasio said it’s not fair that his wife Chirlane McCray can’t get a city paycheck for all her hard work.”