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The Story

As the homeless population grows, Mayor de Blasio’s administration has offered to rent apartments for the unsheltered outside New York City. Homeless people with a source of income can apply to have the city pay their rent for 12 months, if they can find a place to live. This initiative, while controversial, probably makes some sense, given New York’s extremely tight and restricted housing market, and would actually be cheaper than maintaining people in homeless shelters.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Returns: New York City already buys one-way tickets for homeless people to return to their hometowns. Read more.

  2. Inefficient: The city pays homeless-shelter operators thousands of dollars a month, per person—more than the cost of renting an apartment—to house more than 60,000 people in shelters. Read more.

  3. Crunch: New York City’s strict regulations on rent, construction, and minimum floor space have created a housing crunch that makes it hard for people to afford apartments. Read more.

“Addressing sheltered homelessness involves preventing people from entering the shelter system to begin with and determining a sustainable exit strategy for those who do.”

Stephen Eide, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

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The Past is Present

What Really Causes Family Homelessness? By Randall K. Filer (Autumn 1990)

“New York has twice as many homeless families as most American cities. Here’s why.”

And in other news...

“More city parents are getting involved in their children’s education, new statistics show.”