HOPE for the Homeless?

The Story

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The latest HOPE count of unsheltered people in New York City has been released. Though the survey shows a 2% decline in people living on the street, it’s hard to take that figure—which advocates consider dubious—as cause for celebration. The number of homeless people in New York City remains high, putting serious strain on municipal services.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Library: The city’s libraries have become a de facto extension of the homeless-services system; many branches have hired security personnel to deal with disorderly or disturbed homeless patrons. Read more.

  2. School: Children living in homeless shelters have much higher rates of school absenteeism and disciplinary problems. Read more.

  3. Subway: Homeless people camped on subway cars or living in stations impede sanitation and service—and discourage ridership. Read more.

“While all libraries want to be humane, none is set up to deal with homelessness, at least not in the manner of institutions fully dedicated to the problem.”

Stephen Eide, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

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The Past is Present

What Really Causes Family Homelessness? By Randall K. Filer (Autumn 1990)

“New York has twice as many homeless families as most American cities. Here’s why.”

And in other news...

“Prepare to meet the ‘big ugly.’

Leaders of the Senate and Assembly will begin serious negotiations this week with Gov. Andrew Cuomo about a host of unresolved issues, from rent control to, potentially, legalizing recreational marijuana.”