Hospital Quality in New York

The Story

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A new report shows that New York State’s hospital system—both public and private—is among the nation’s worst-performing. At the same time, New York spends enormous amounts of public dollars on health care. Why are New Yorkers investing so much and getting so little?

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Poor: Ninety-four percent of New York City hospitals rank below the national average for “Patient Experience.” Read more.

  2. Deficit: Medicaid spending in New York continues to trend upward and has created a $4 billion hole in the state’s finances. Read more

  3. Bucks: The state hospital trade association is among the most prolific donors to New York politicians, ensuring that public money will continue to flow to its member hospitals, reducing incentives to improve quality. Read more.

“Cost-cutting moves are about slowing growth. . . . overall spending on Medicaid will almost certainly increase in the year ahead.”

Bill Hammond, Empire Center

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Greedy Hospitals By Steven Malanga (Winter, 2002)

“New York’s hospitals are tireless lobbyists for ever greater government subsidies, so it’s no surprise that they’ve shamelessly tried to capitalize on September 11 by chasing after hundreds of millions of dollars in government aid.”

And in other news...

“The Long Island Rail Road uses misleading performance metrics to exaggerate the size of its ridership and reliability of its trains, according to a state report.”