Hudson Yards Opens

The Story

Hudson Yards—New York City’s newest neighborhood—is opening its retail mall today. Built on top of an open-air railyard, Hudson Yards represents the transformation of Manhattan’s Far West Side from a functionless void to a mixed-use complex larger than many American downtowns. The development has already seen its share of controversy, and its long-term prospects remain to be seen, but something major has risen in Manhattan.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Subsidy: Public subsidies to the Hudson Yards project—including the extension of the 7 train to reach the complex—totaled more than $6 billion, double what Amazon had been promised to locate here. Read more.

  2. Labor: Paying union labor’s high prices to build in New York City is becoming insupportable, as the case of Hudson Yards demonstrates. Read more.

  3. Bus: Hudson Yards should have incorporated planning and design for a new bus terminal for New Jersey commuters. Read more.

“The open warfare over Hudson Yards is part of an ongoing struggle for control of the lucrative Gotham construction market, especially in Manhattan.”

Steve Malanga, Manhattan Institute senior fellow

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

Dynamite, Manhattan, 1939 By David Gelernter (Spring 1995)

“What on earth made 1939ers believe—correctly, it seems—that they could trust their fellow citizens to the extent of leaving an unprotected cache of dynamite in the heart of New York City?”

And in other news...

“Building trade unions and business groups are battling over a New York budget provision that would expand the definition of public works that require higher wage rates.”