The Story

Manhattan traffic is worse than ever. While multiple factors contribute to the snail’s pace at which cars travel through midtown, there is no denying that the expansion of “ride-sharing” apps has played a role in the slowdown. The city council is moving to limit the number of e-rides on the road, but the real problem is that the value of Midtown car travel is not priced appropriately. New York City needs congestion pricing–and soon.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Slooow: The average speed of midtown traffic has declined 21% in six years. Read more.

  2. Taxi! The number of Taxi and Limousine Commission-licensed vehicles in New York City has increased from 74,000 in 2014 to 130,000 today. Read more.

  3. Markets: Congestion pricing on all vehicles is the only way to derive an accurate cost for midtown traffic. Read more.


“Congestion pricing is an idea whose time has come.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo

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The Past is Present

“How the city could make it easier, and more pleasant, to get around”

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“The city’s Board of Elections will launch an effort to help Rikers Island detainees register to vote and cast absentee ballots if they’re in custody, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday.”