The Mayor’s Unresolved Ethical Scandals

The Story

The conviction for bribery of one of Mayor de Blasio’s major donors should remind New Yorkers about the mayor’s unresolved ethical scandals. De Blasio has been accused of using his office to facilitate pay-to-play operations for donors and consultants. Charges were not pursued against him, but the mayor has never offered a coherent explanation for what appear to be quid pro quo arrangements with important contributors to his campaigns.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Emails: A recent police-corruption trial revealed a trove of emails between de Blasio and his donors that the mayor’s office appears to have hidden from the press, despite a court order. Read more.

  2. Indeed: The mayor’s office orchestrated the removal of a deed restriction on a former nursing home that developers wanted to turn into a luxury condominium; a major consultant and ally to the mayor benefitted. Read more.

  3. Senate: Mayor de Blasio and his office appear to have coordinated the funneling of illegal campaign contributions to influence the 2014 state senate elections. Read more.

“The public cannot freely access information that the government can freely destroy.”

NYC Council Member Ritchie Torres

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

The New Popular Front By Sol Stern (September 27, 2013)

“A Bill de Blasio mayoralty would revive the city’s far-left coalition.”

And in other news...

“Long-suffering New York straphangers face the prospect of even more frustrating delays and service cutbacks because the MTA is losing $150 million a month in federal funding due to the partial government shutdown, Sen. Chuck Schumer warned Sunday.”