Mayor de Blasio’s Questionable Campaign

The Story

Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Mayor de Blasio has been on the road lately, pursuing his dream of becoming president. He says that his record in New York City qualifies him for the White House and that America will support his redistributionist agenda. Based on his latest fundraising, it appears that de Blasio has been successful in at least one regard: he has adapted his questionable campaign practices to the national level.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Favors: The mayor has a long history of soliciting campaign money from donors seeking political favors. Read more.

  2. Power: De Blasio’s inattention to local matters has empowered others to fill the power vacuum. Read more.

  3. Nepotism: Hiring his son to work on the campaign revives questions about the mayor’s political use of his family. Read more.

“People want to see their leader on site, in charge, in control, and it makes people feel more confident, which is very important because in these situations, chaos is the problem.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

The Politics of Delusion By Myron Magnet (Summer 2015)

“Mayor Bill de Blasio’s radical dreams are leading straight to chaos.”

And in other news...

“A utility spokesman said 4,000 employees would be working 12-hour shifts to fix outages during the heat wave, which is expected to last through the weekend.”