Mayoral Mismanagement

The Story

Mayor de Blasio claims to be the tribune of the poor, even explaining his opposition to congestion pricing, in part, by suggesting that it would hurt NYCHA residents who own cars. But de Blasio’s reputation as a champion of New York’s downtrodden is more image than substance, as his management of the city’s social-welfare system demonstrates. If the mayor wants to present himself as a progressive hero of the needy, he should tighten the screws on his messy administration.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Cold: Thousands of NYCHA residents had no heat during the recent cold snap. Read more.

  2. Unsavory: The city has placed homeless families in “hot sheet” hotels, where prostitution arrests are common. Read more.

  3. Expense: The mayor has doubled spending on homeless services, yet the number of homeless people has risen under his watch. Read more.

“These are issues that are not about a lack of capital funds, but issues of a failure to basically manage NYCHA properly.”

Mark G. Peters, commissioner, Department of Investigation

Twitter Take

The Past is Present

De Blasio’s New York By Matthew Hennessey (May 1, 2015)

“Despite the mayor’s commitment to Broken Windows policing, his OneNYC plan could undo the city’s public-safety gains.”

And in other news...

“For the first time in half a century, visitors to the world’s largest cultural institution, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will have to pay a mandatory admission fee of $25 if they do not live in New York State under a new policy that begins March 1, the museum announced on Thursday.”