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The Story

Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have bickered over their respective responsibilities to fund the MTA, which runs New York City’s subways and buses, the Metro-North commuter railroad, and the Long Island Rail Road. But both officials agree that the MTA needs more money. It’s true that the MTA needs more resources to maintain its infrastructure and expand for the future, but the system is not spending money in the best interests of its ridership.

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Misallocation: The MTA’s five-year capital plan dedicates 71% of its expansion budget to commuter-rail systems, though these lines account for only 7% of total ridership. Read more.

  2. Bus: City bus service could be expanded cheaply, with greater impact per dollar, with the expansion of dedicated express lanes on the avenues. Read more.

  3. Burdened: The MTA’s debt burden has risen dramatically in the last ten years; debt service now accounts for 16% of the MTA’s annual budget. Read more.

"In the absence of adequate funding, the system could fall into further disrepair and riders could face unplanned fare hikes. The state and city need to find solutions to prevent these possibilities from becoming reality…”

NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

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The Past is Present

The MTA and the MTA By Nicole Gelinas (July 2006)

“Does New York do better than Boston?”

And in other news...

“The family that owns a stretch of the Long Island City waterfront is looking to turn it into a mixed-use development with the city’s tallest building outside Manhattan.”