Department of Education Waste

The Story

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An audit of the city’s Department of Education revealed gross waste and misuse of funds, including millions of dollars spent on apparent junkets. Staffers held meetings in hotels when they could have convened in city-owned buildings, and caterers and contractors were hired without a bidding process. Departmental brass shouldn’t be spending money on unnecessary trips and meals in the name of “professional development.”

The Facts You Need to Know

  1. Travel: The DOE incorrectly reported and recorded millions of dollars in travel expenses. Read more.

  2. Equity: Mayor de Blasio and the teachers’ union continue to complain that Albany is shortchanging schools on funding, but funding for DOE from Albany has actually increased. Read more.

  3. Quality: New York City per-pupil spending far exceeds the national average, but overall student performance remains poor. Read more.

“While cash-strapped teachers are fundraising online for classroom supplies, high-level officials have been spending taxpayer dollars on needless excesses.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

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The Past is Present

Where’s All the School Money Going? By Nicole Gelinas (May 18, 2004)

“New York City Council’s Eva Moskowitz asks some tough questions about the city’s education spending.”

And in other news...

“The city’s embattled Housing Authority and its biggest union, Teamsters Local 237, have struck a deal on a new contract that for the first time allows the agency to assign staffers to weekend cleaning.”